Beta Renewables Spa

Beta Renewables is a leader in the field of advanced biofuels and biochemical compounds at competitive costs.

Beta Renewables owns the PROESA™ technology, applied to the field of biofuels and chemical intermediates. Beta Renewables manages the plant in Crescentino (VC), the first commercial facility in the world for the production of second-generation ethanol. Beta Renewables, where needed, also offers Clients support in establishing supply chains and identifying the best feedstock solutions, according to the local characteristics of the Projects being developed.

PROESA™ belongs to the so-called “second-generation” technologies which allow the use of the sugars present in lignocellulose biomass to obtain fuel and other chemicals with lower greenhouse gas emissions and at competitive costs compared to fossil fuels (oil, natural gas). It is the result of an investment of over 150 million Euro.

The PROESA™ technology was designed to use non-food biomass, like rice straw and sugarcane bagasse. Thanks to the efficiency of the PROESA™ process, non food sugars can be obtained at competitive costs and without incentives, thus enabling a widely spread use of bio-products from renewable sources.