Instytut Chemicznej Przerobki Wegla

ICHPW is a research organisation funded in 1955. We provide scientific research that fulfils demand for thermal utilization of waste, carbochemical products, high-temperature ceramic materials presented by companies operating in coke and power industries. Our strategic priority is to gear the research we provide to the development of low- and zero-emission heat and electrical energy production technologies, including clean coal technologies, CO2 capture, storage and utilization (CCSU) as well as energy production from renewable resources.

The HtF project relates directly to our internal Strategic Areas of Scientific Development, specifically at points connected to decarbonisation of transportation fuels, efficient usage of renewable resources and promotion of thermochemical conversion pathways as methods for valorisation of waste materials. In HtF, IChPW’ primary role lies in conducting feedstock preparation and CO2 gasification tests. The scope of IChPW’ infrastructure used in the project consists mainly of pressurized lab-scale TGA as well as bench and pilot scale FB gasifiers.