Güssing Energy Technologies


GET was founded as “Renet Güssing GmbH” in 2003 as a Spin-Off of the “Renet Austria Network”, and was renamed in 2009. GET is based on two main pillars. One is R&D, mainly applied science, two is consultancy and engineering.
The major business area is R&D in the field of biogas, biomass, PtX, LowEx district heating, CHP, architectural engineering, software development and energy efficiency.
The speciality of GET is to convert know-how, which has been generated by scientific work into usable products for industry, for example ToughGas, Winddiesel (production of diesel from surplus wind power), mobile biogas (car fuel), low temperature district heating systems, or innovative architectural energy concept. Thus, innovation management and projects on a low TRL is one main pillar of GET.

Webpage: http://www.get.ac.at/