Heat-to-Fuel Final Conference

27th of April, 2022: Technical University of Wien

As Heat-to-Fuel's final dissemination event, the Technical University of Wien held a conference to announce the project had come to an end. The project results and conclusions were showcased, and every partner presented their contribution to the project.

Richard Zweiler introducing the HtF project

Our Consortium partners also had the chance to visit the gasification plant of the Technische Universität Wien and the Bioenergy 2020+ GmbH site, which form the Heat to Fuel plant.

In addition, Heat-o-Fuel had the pleasure to invite other innovative projects in the field of next generation biofuels: Lig2Liq, Waste2Road, Glamour, F-Cubed, BL2F, HyFlexFuel and ABC-Salt. 

Gasification plant visit




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