Consorzio per la Ricerca e la Dimostrazione Sulle Energie Rinnovabili

RE-CORD is a non-profit independent research body participated by the University of Florence and several SMEs (Pianvallico spa, Spike Renewables srl, ETA Florence srl, Bioentech srl, Azienda Agricola Montepaldi srl), founded in 2010 and merging competences and resources in the field of basic and applied research, engineering, sustainable land planning and development.
RE-CORD main strengths are the highly qualified staff, ranging from engineers to physicists, economists, biotechnologists and chemists, the analytical laboratory dedicated to solid and liquid biofuels and biomasses and a pilot plant park, which includes gasifiers, micro gas turbines and engines for biofuels test, an intermediate pyrolysis unit and a carbonization unit, a micro reactor for hydrothermal studies, a setup for CO2 methanation studies, a tar sampling bench and a grinding and briquetting machines.
Through these key assets RE-CORD represents a point of excellence in research and demonstration and a landmark for the sustainable development promotion. RE-CORD supports authorities and private enterprises providing services, innovation and networking, identifying opportunities and giving fast and efficient responses to market and authorities solicitations.