ATMOSTAT is a subsidiary of ALCEN group, medium-sized company of one thousand and eight hundred people. ATMOSTAT is recognized for his high level in specific technologies especially for aerospace, defence and energy. Atmostat has means of study, skills in machining, measurement, brazing, welding and in special assembly processes like diffusion welding, needed to conduct projects for manufacturing complex mechanical and electromechanical assemblies.

ATMOSTAT has developed a specific expertise in the manufacturing heat exchangers reactors for producing Power to gas or Power to liquid. Heat exchanger reactors proposed by ATMOSTAT is based on a strong know how of manufacturing complex components assembled by diffusion bonding. The concept is based on planars structured reactors. They consist of layers of reactive channels which alternate with cross flow cooling or heating channels. The advantages of this architecture are a higher mass and heat transfers, more flexibility, higher compactness, and improved safety compared to an adiabatic or shell-and-tube reactors technologies. The concept of the reactors is characterized by reduced hydraulic diameter of reactive channels in a range from few millimetres to one centimetre. The concept ensures a good heat exchange and limits hot spots. It promotes an accurate control of the reaction temperature by the coolant circulating in channels.