Technische Universitaet Wien

TU Wien is known as Austria´s greatest research and education institution in the sector of natural science and technology for around 30 000 students and around 4 800 employees. The Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Biological Engineering deals with the research, development and technology of material conversion. The research group for “Gasification and Gas Cleaning” with the head Dr. Johannes Schmid originates as one of three parts from Prof. Hermann Hofbauer´s former research group for “Future Energy Technologies”. The team focuses on projects from the energy technology sector with a specification on gasification technologies as well as catalytic tar removal from product gas originating from thermo-chemical hydrocarbon conversion processes of various solid feedstock. In addition to gasification test runs and the measurement of process parameters, the validation and interpretation of mass and energy balances via simulation is an important research work. The experience within the project group and the intensive cooperation with partners from industry allows the simulation and modelling of industrial processes with relevant sizes. The mission of the group is to develop fuel flexible, high efficient gasification technologies for the production of high quality syngas.